The Cultured Creative: Courageously Cultivating Communication in Cali

“You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven.” - Jimmy Hendrix

One unfortunate fact that remains, with regard to Black Women (and men too) is the unproclaimed desire to be who they are not. In this social media and digital age it is extremely easy to get lost and find yourself in the "sunken place". For nearly a century, black women have been put into this box that prevents us from not living up to our "blackness", proudly. The emphasis around presenting yourself in a specific manner so that you may become "social media famous", which will in return grant you exposure and an all access pass to a life of luxury, is portrayed repeatedly in the media. & quite frankly nothing is authentic about it. However, when it comes to this "Walking Brand", we can not dare associate the terms typical, common, regular, usual, familiar or recurrent with Lodeja Maide'.

Lodeja is an abstract masterpiece in human form. I mean, take a second look at the cover photo again. I can't help scream "YAASSSSSS QUEEN!" within milliseconds of viewing this creative cultured creature. Her very being speaks artistry like no other. It's like we took a fetus on a first class trip on a time traveling rocket ship to the 70s, reverted back to the present day, flew to Africa and jazzed it up with a little afrocentric vibes and there you have it, WALAH: Lodeja Maide.

Lodeja or if you're like me and spend so much time on social media that you identify people by their at name *inserts sobbing emoji* then she's otherwise known as "Safari Kitty" (so fitting right?). Creativity and culture must clearly be her middle name considering Miss Safari Kitty never goes with out giving us these vibes.


Now don't get it confused, not only is "Safari Kitty's" very personal brand a statement in itself, let's get to know this Queen a little more so you can clearly see for yourself that she "Walks It Like She Talks It". Not only does her social media presence exudes her life's mission, her very energy and presence lives up to the very reason why it is even more beneficial and in your best interest to get in tune and fall in line with who and what you are, rather than who and what "they" want you to be.

As a former Veteran, Lodeja made the brave decision to separate from the Military and pursue a life of purpose in Communications, comedy, and modeling. As many of us may experience a time or two in our lives, we may find ourselves unsure and potentially lost in a world that forcefully tells us how and who to be. After her own personal journey of healing, self-care and self-awareness it wasn't before long that Lodeja found her lane and took off like "white on rice" towards living a life of freedom. She started her journey, formerly as the west coast correspondent for "Tech This News Out" with iHeart radio where they bring the talk of technology to the streets. It was during this time where Lodeja truly experienced the life that she didn't want to shy away from, and that was communications. However, although during this time she filled a position that allowed her to enhance her skills she knew that there was more.

Through gaining self-identity as a cultured black woman and learning to be true to who she is and being free in that, Lodeja decided to utilize her communication skills spreading that very message as the present Co-host We Keep It Candid, a platform that focuses on interpersonal relationships within our culture. Lodeja promotes self-love, self-care, self-identity and the act of truly identifying with ones true self and being free in that. I'm sure you're currently feeling, having gained the little information you've learned about Safari Kitty, a strong desire to indulge (if you haven't already) on your own journey of self-awareness. Quite frankly the only route to living a life of true freedom as a black women, is living your true life as Proud and Unapologetic black woman.

We definitely have our sights out on the big screen for this aspiring actress, comedian, model and co-host and you should to. Now do your self a favor and connect with this queen on Instagram, then book her if you're a photographer, feature her on your podcast, cast her in your next film and lastly conclude with showing yourself a little tender love and care today.

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