Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love Is The Conversation You've Been Missing

“Everything we do boils down to sex. Our lives are governed by sex. By how we are brought into the world. And then our upbringing will influence our views on sex. And those views influence everything from our hobbies, personality traits, religion, career choice, we are conditioned through our sexuality.” - Patriana Jones

In a world filled with confusion and lack of consent, writer, womanist, and AfroNudist, Patriana Jones invites us along her soul-searching journey to self-love. Prepare your prefrontal cortex as Patriana Jones gives us the ride of our life.

In HER latest release, Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love, Patriana summons the likes of both men and women to embark on a sensual, sexual, and seductive soul searching journey though, her personal stories which led to the discovery of this newfound unapologetic self-loving AfroNudist.

Sex: The Taboo Tool of Self-Love utilizes a taboo topic such as sex to explore a number of sensitive topics such as rape culture, body positivity, sexual confidence, consent, STD's, gender expectation, setting boundaries, orgasms and virginity. With unwavering honesty and transparency, she shares a number of personal stories from her personal experiences to bring clarity to the magical sexual powers within us all.

"Sex is so taboo for people. It's something we refuse to talk about yet the increasing rate of young parents and STD rates shows that we're out having sex and often despite unwillingness to talk about it. There has to be open dialogue so that we can be educated and make informed decisions. That's where my book comes in."

In this work of hypnotizing storytelling and reminiscing, Patriana delves into some of the most sensitive and tantalizing theories such as sexual energy. "People speak on energy exchange from a place of fear. While the law of attraction states that you attract what you fear." Patriana teaches us to become intentional about our thoughts and views. "Why look at something that is so powerful, negatively? Focus on the positive and reaffirming interactions of sex and realize that sex is magical. Through sex we can manifest many things."

We had the opportunity to chat with Patriana Jones about her latest release:

Her Image: What inspired you to write this book?
Patriana: My experiences did. Authenticity and transparency is important to me. I never know what I’m going to create and I don't plan. I just create.

Her Image: Why is it important for people to read this book?
Patriana: When you know better you do better. The more educated, open and liberated you become. We must have the multifaceted conversation of consent. The less we demonize the body the more we can create a safe space for people that live alternative lifestyles. It’s maturity. People must become responsible for their interpersonal interactions with people.Society's understanding of sex has to evolve in order for the world to evolve.

Her Image: How has a former view of yours changed based on a conditioning from your past?
Patriana: My hobbies. I love to dance and have always had a desire to pole dance. However, for the longest time I avoided it because I didn't want to be seen as a certain type of woman. That overpowered my wanting to just experience it for the fun of it. I never believed that it was simply beneficial to you as a person. Pole dance is one of the most difficult, but highly beneficial forms of core building and cardio. Yet, we stigmatize it because we associate it to sex. This is a misinformed association because the two are not related.

Her Image: What do you say to people that judge you as an AfroNudist?Patriana: Nudity and sex are not the same. I can be completely naked and not sexual. I can be in a sexual state and not naked. Nudity is not inherently sexual, we make it sexual based on our view of sex. Their view is simply their mental state. Arousal based on how you view a person is 100% psychology. It shows that sex is a mental state so why do we always associate sex to nudity?

Patriana expresses that we do ourselves and our children a disservice by refusing to have the conversation. The lack of education on this topic very much so leads to conflicting decisions. "Imagine a young woman being taught to be modest in order to deserve respect and being taught that a woman saves herself for one person. So she grows up conditioned to that for life. That will influence her relationships. She will stay in relationships that aren't good for her to avoid body count and being with other men. She will put up with a lot to remain a respectable woman... for an abusive man."Ultimately this book serves for the purpose of educating. So if you're brave and ready to explore your most authentic view of sex click here to purchase your copy










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