#SAYHERNAME L'Daijohnique Lee

Oh, nothing new to read here, just another hate crime committed against our sistah, being downgraded in Amerikkka.

On early Thursday morning in Deep Ellum, a popular entertainment district in Dallas, TX, Austin Shuffield brutally attacked and beaten L'Daijonique Lee after becoming upset regarding the way she was parked. The attack was caught on camera and went viral on social media. In the disturbing video, you could clearly see Austin hitting the cell phone out of her hand as she attempted to call the police. With a pistol in one hand, Austin proceeded to punch her several times in the head. Excessive much?

Austin was arrested, charged with a misdemeanor and released soon after his $2000 bond was posted. This was clearly a hate crime that deserves more extreme charges. So in wake of his release, our outrage and a call to action, the community unites in solidarity of our sistah for a protest lead by Community Leader and Activist, Niecee X. Also in attendance was our Editor-in-Chief Edishia Roundtree and Account Executive, Melinda Lumpkin amongst many other community leaders and activists.

After a few hours of the peaceful protest, Police decide to make threats to gas and arrest protestors. In an attempt to make a stand and a call for felony and hate crime charges against suspect. Below you can view photographs captured during protest.


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