Mimosa's & Models: The Interactive Model Workshop and Masterclass w/ Chasity Samone

From bottle's poppin', champagne topped off, tasty mimosa's, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits catered by IAmEevents, runway werk to awkward posing, Model Chasity Samone held a model workshop like no other. With a powerhouse panel featuring Photographer Jessy J, MUA Kim J, Fashion Stylist Alysha Antoinette, Creative Director Bry Jay and Luxury Wig Slayer, Miguel of Dallas, the workshop was both interactive and informational. The attendees had the opportunity to network and learn about every essential aspect of the model experience. The host and moderator, Chasity, was a breath of fresh air- her knowledge and experience from working with top names in the industry resonated with all in attendance including me. I am sure that learning what it takes to fully prepare for a shoot and persevere in the modeling industry was an eye-opener for many. This workshop was not only for model's but if you were someone that was interested in breaking through and showing face in any of the listed roles above, you would have benefit greatly from being in the building as well.

I am sure many of us can agree that being in the presence of a stunning model can be intimidating for some, but you could feel Chasity's energy and it read, "I am just like you."

The models had the opportunity to showcase their skills, learn on the spot and partake in some action.

Learning the in's and out's of modeling can be a little overwhelming in the matter of a few hours, however, Chasity along with her sensational panel did a splendid job with fine-tuning what should be important for each model, NOW.


You don't have to be booked and busy to be a professional model. Chasity shared how investing in yourself early on can have the best return in the long run. Reminiscing on how her first shoot costed her $35 to get professional photos defined the message of investing in yourself now rather than later. You are telling the world and those you want to work with that your development and skills are valuable enough that you will spend money (no matter the cost) to be one step ahead.


The most effective method to kicking off your modeling career is to showcase your work. Although, we live in a digital age where everything can be accessed at the click of an app, having a physical portfolio as an "aspiring" model can set you apart from the rest.

Chasity states, "Every portfolio should show your versatility. Have a selection of portraits, close-ups and full body shots."



We'll keep this one simple. Pick your head up and own it.


Reflect on the last editorial shoot you laid eyes on while turning the pages of your favorite magazine or scrolling down your Instagram timeline. Now recall the positioning of the model. Was she standing straight up, were her arms dull and legs non-existent? Most likely not, because if they were most likely you wouldn't click twice, comment "Yaaaassssss" or even stop for more than a second to admire the photo. Moral of the story: get awkward, it may feel uncomfortable but on camera its UNMATCHED!


If you want to be taken seriously, take yourself seriously. Not only should you invest in professional content, you must invest and take time to indulge in self-development and enhancing your craft such as attending workshops such as this one.


Everyone is already busy trying to be like others, while no one can be you like you, learn yourself, own who you are and perfect it. That's the only way to truly stand out in a "saturated market."


When considering whether you are serious about pursuing a career in modeling, you must be aware of the type of model you would like to be. And also be aware, that in the name of the game, sometimes the type of model you want to be may not be the type of model that you start out as, AND THAT'S OKAY. For instance, you may have the face and bone structure for beauty campaigns and have a passion for fashion and runway. Let's be honest, although it is not impossible to break into this segment being short, it is much harder.


Don't be afraid to let it all go and leave it on set. Remember, everyone is here for one reason and one reason only, (besides getting paid of course) and that's getting the shot. Chasity gets transparent and shares that more than likely she's moaning on set. As astonishing as this may sound, do yourself a favor and recite the following vowels while looking in the mirror, A, E, I, O, U. Issa Vibe right?

Now don't just say them, feel them, sing them, sang them. It makes all of the difference. Still not convinced:


As you can see from the title of each panelist, you need a whole squad to bring your vision to life. Find yourself a creative director to take your ideas and bring them to life. A photographer to capture the candids. A hairstylist to portray the queen you prefer to be that day. A makeup artist to enhance your beauty and a fashion stylist to coordinate the look to perfection. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a coordinated team to make your vision a reality.


One story during the panel discussion not only resonated with me, but also the attendees taking into account the standing ovation and applause. Alysha shares how experiencing depression and being at her lowest point set the foundation for where she is now and where she is going.

"You are not your depression. You are not your anxiety. It is a phase. It does not define you. It is a choice, so choose not to stay there." - Alysha

Thank you again to Chasity Samone and Mo Storyteller for inviting Her Image to be in the building for such an epic experience. With all of the knowledge shared, skills under one roof and the opportunity to capture shots of the attendees, I am personally confident that if I was able to take away something from this event the attendees did also. If you'd like to stay up to date on any future workshops and masterclasses by Chasity Samone, visit her page today, stay connected and STAY TUNED.

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