I Traveled Abroad With My IG Bestie and Here Are My Key Takeaways

Left: @iam_DeeVine Right: @_Callmetoocute
There's nothing like taking a bae-cation with the one you love or traveling solo and indulging in your deepest desires. But what's even better is traveling with people that make you feel like you're doing a little bit of both, if you know what I mean.
I've always imagined living a life with my partner traveling the world, having sex in some of the most sacred sites and experiencing new adventures together. I've also heavily considered traveling the world alone but let's be honest, the thought alone can be pretty frightening. You have to constantly watch your back and take major precautions, because I mean.... you're by yourself. You may not want to drink as much so you can be conscious and aware. You may not want to stay out as late because it might not be the safest move to make. You may even keep yourself from embarking on some of your deep rooted desires because of fear of being kidnapped, raped, or worse ending up dead or POF. Yes this may seem like just an exaggeration but it's also very possible.
I didn't realize when I agreed to go on this trip with my biz bae that I would get the best of both worlds.
Recently I took a trip to Cancun and honestly it was one of the best couple of day's of my life. I (we) honestly considered never leaving a few times. But any who here's my key takeaways so your next girls trip can be one of the best ever:


1. Travel light and no I don't mean your luggage.

I mean the number of people you go with. While it may be really dope to travel with a large number of people let's be honest, there is way less compromising when you keep the number of people to a minimum. & quite frankly by the time it's time to leave the original 10 you planned to go with will turn to 3 anyways. The plus side to traveling with just 2 other people is that you don't have to deal with as many personalities. You can save money when it comes to living arrangements and even embarking on local activities. When it comes to meeting people you don't have to worry about too many people being the odd ball's out. (Read between the lines sis). It's less likely that other tourists are traveling with 15 other people. Most importantly it's easy to keep track of everyone. 


2. Be on the same page with everyone you travel with.

There's nothing worse than being abroad with Debby Downer, Negative Nancy, or an 'I'm Good Y'all Can Go', or an "I don't wanna" ass person. When you travel with people that have a similar agenda to you, you don't have to worry about making arrangements to make everyone comfortable. You don't have to worry about conflicts or conflicts of interest. You don't have to worry about feeling as though you're being judged for the things you do or don't do. Basically, everyone can live their best life and not think twice.

3. Arrive early and leave late if you can help it.

Now this doesn't really make a difference when traveling with someone but when you're living your best life abroad there is nothing worse than arriving late to the party and leaving the party early. Unfortunately but fortunately someone else took care of our travel arrangements so we couldn't make much changes. We just so happened to arrive late in the day and had to leave super early which sucked because those days were included in our all-inclusive stay so basically we lost a day. Not only that but when you leave early you have to be mindful of what you do the night before so you can wake up on time, make sure you're packed and mentally prepared for a long day of traveling. Plus, you don't want to miss brunch before it's time to make your way to the airport.

4. We grown right?

So come prepared if you think you're likely to bust it wide open if you just so happen to come in contact with a real one. C'mon now sis... it's okay to be modest but there's no better luxury than being away from home and doing things you wouldn't normally do. That's an experience we all should take advantage of at least once in our lifetime. Now it would suck if you can't due to not being strapped or you'd just end up feeling guilty or like a whore. Unless of course you have no guilt, then do you boo. You can be the hot girl you've always wanted to be and no one would ever know that back home you're really a nerd, that wears glasses, and spends most of your day with a bonnet on binge watching anime with a sweater and sweat pants on eating ice cream while wasting time crying about your ex. It's me, I'm HER. Let's ignite Rih Rih for once and be the bad b* we were always destined to be in another lifetime.


5. Go To Bed Late and Wake Up Early. This isn't really a takeaway but I'd hate for you to miss the night life or breakfast.
Oh yeah and if you don't take anything else away from this, just remember: NEVER BE AFRAID TO SHOOT YOUR FRIEND SHOT! Cause baby, I found my permanent Travel Bae.












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