Chasity Samone is on A Mission To Grow Widespread Representation of Black Women

Assata Shakur

Afeni Shakur

Chaka Khan

Kathleen Cleaver

Fredricka Newton

Charlotte Hill

Elaine Brown

Rosemary Mealy

Angela Davis

Erika Huggins

& many more

“No one ever asks what a man’s place in the Revolution is," says Kathleen Cleaver when asked what a woman's role in the revolution is by the Washington Post in 1970.

These Icons are the powerful women that lead the pack for representation of black women and black people in the black panther movement. These women, like all black women, were true visionaries. Despite being minorities they all held unique positions in their own right. They saw the struggles, the trials and tribulations and instead of remaining on the sidelines they decided to do something about it. Salute to these black queens that have paved the way for us to continue the fight of the black liberation movement.

As the new year is upon us we saw fitting to start out the year and our first ever print issue as an ODE to the black women of the black panther movement and inspire you to be a visionary and join us in the fight as womanists.

Chasity Samone graces the cover of the latest print issue of Her Image Magazine, the Visionary issue. Many men and women alike view a models career as something that isn't of significance. However, the unique position of a model is that they are at the forefront of representation when it comes to brands, campaigns and businesses. That's why model and Womanist Chasity Samone, chooses to use her unique position to pave the way for little black girls to come. Although, as of late being 'black' and having darkskin has seemingly been a trend in the beauty industry, we are here to change the narrative because their is still a lack of much needed representation and the recent Nars campaign headed by the great Naomi Campbell proves just that.

"I honestly want more black women to be in museums and on the cover of magazines and headlining campaigns and to be the story rather than just the supporting cast," - Chasity Samone

Inside the model dives in to how she got her start modeling, what she's doing to pave the way and the struggles and praises of being a 'minority' in the industry. Amongst, you will learn the Exclusive on what the Six Figure Spa Chick has planned for black women in the spa industry considering the lack of representation for black women their as well. Contributor, Sasha covers the great Dr. Jess of Ask Dr. Jess where Her Image recognizes her for being the Woman of The Year. Tanishia and Jennifer share our unique outlook on womanism and black feminism and so much more from our other amazing contributors.

To top it off, our Account Executive Melinda Marie of Lady Leader Consulting shares her Exclusive Pretty and Productive Profit Plan to get all the visionaries off to a great start this year and procuring profits out the gate.

Every young girl and young woman can take something away from the Visionary issue, available now.

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