Are You A Siren Woman?

written by: Patriana Jones

All women have a siren within them. All women have portions of EVERY energy there is, truthfully. But the siren is the one society fears the most. It’s the part of us that the world severely attacks and attempts to silence during our pivotal adolescent years. 


Because it’s the part of us that demands the world. Confidently. Fearlessly. Ruthlessly.


Our passionate energy is both alluring, and aggravating. 

It is charming and captivating and those around... will want to contain it, control it, have it to themselves. 

A woman who embraces her inner siren scares the world because she knows her power and knows the world is her oyster. 

A child of the ocean, moon, and natural elements, she recognizes she’s the universe’s favorite. And so she demands the world. Because it is hers. 

Her energy so strong, those around seek to serve her needs. And yet... they resent her for it.



You’re probably asking... how do I reconnect to my inner siren? 

Well first you must understand the history of how you became disconnected from her.

Historically, sirens have been painted as being manipulative, deceptive, evil, and a danger to men. ⁣

But that’s the plot twist.

 A woman tapped into her power is always evil to the one who wants her energy.


Do you really believe sirens killed sailors? 

Do you really believe sirens were even thinking about sailors? 

A beautiful and powerful woman... wasting her energy on the next man she’ll catch? 

Impossible. Powerful women don’t do that. 

But alas, history has always been written to the favor of the jealous colonizer. ⁣⁣

Sirens are winners. It’s the part of you that wins because you recognize you’re supposed to. 

How can you lose in a world built to serve you? ⁣

Sirens... we don’t ask for permission to love ourselves. We do so unapologetically and bask as the universe rewards us for it.

Even at the expense and discomfort of every fucking sailor who despises us for it.

I’m a siren. ⁣

A damn proud one too.

.... on Saturdays, we worship our inner siren. 🧜🏾‍♀️🌹

- xo, Patriana #TheAfroSiren 🐍












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