Sometimes You Have To Watch Out For The One's Closest To You

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and realized who the fuck you are? I'm not talking about the bad bitch energy that you possess after you've done your brows, did your hair and drank your lemon water. I'm talking about the YOU that other people wish they had in themselves (but they don't) so instead, they just keep you around to make up for where they lack. Now before you answer that question I can already tell you,

and imma call you out on it because something has to change.
You've been allowing self-doubt to live in your head for quite some time now and it's time to send her ass an eviction notice because quite frankly the price went up and she can't afford it.
You walk around like you're the shit but that's only because people tell you, you are and not because you necessarily agree. You know how dogs can smell fear from a mile away. Well here's the thing, narcissists can smell insecurity, self-doubt, and lack of confidence from miles away. Whole-time the stench was all on your clothes. & don't be a whole ass rare Queen out here still suffering from self-doubt because honey they will have the audacity to take advantage rather than just join the team. People see you. They may not give you your flowers or your accolades. They may not like your picture, comment on your post, buy something from your 'little' business or ever speak to you but they see you shining. They see you working. They see that GLOW even though your skin just oily. They see you doing what they wouldn't dare to do and it intimidates them. I know right, you intimidating someone, like how sway?
But then you have the ones closest to you that hype you up every now and again but not too much because I will be damn if you walk around with the big head. Or step into your power and realize you're the shit and realize that they've just been using you the whole time so you walk away from them. They know your potential. They're closest to you, of course, they know what you're capable of if only you see what they see. They're the ones who you share your self-limiting beliefs with. The ones that see you slacking off behind closed doors. The ones that know the real tea. So they know exactly what to do and what to say to keep you exactly where they need you.
We are so busy checking our IG stories to see if our stalker still lurking and not liking shit that we forget that most times the real enemy is underneath our mattress. The ones closest to us are the people that we have to pay the closest attention to. Even though Lion King taught us this way back when it took us becoming adults to finally understand the concept. This is not to say that everyone has ill intentions but Art of War says you have to know the players' game to play the right hand. Which implies that 9 times out of 10: IT BE YOUR OWN PEOPLE.


We be so busy being humble that we forget who the fuck we are. But guess what, they know who you are and until you step into that you will continue to be the prized possession and the feeling will never be mutual. Think about it. If I don't know I'm the shit, then most likely I hang around people who exemplify what I see in myself. While if I know I'm the shit then I am surrounded by people that are also the shit because birds of a feather flock together. Until of course, they don't. When you are extremely humble it's easy for people to use you for your greatness and drain you of all you're worth until they power up their battery.
We have to stop doubting ourselves and limiting ourselves to mediocre ass lives. Let people feel like you feel like you're the shit. Anyone that thinks that way has self-esteem issues and should consult a therapist. ( You are not obligated to make anyone else feel sufficient, worthy or even ENOUGH for that matter. Only the person in the mirror can attach a price to your worth. So until you realize that you're priceless people will continue to shortchange you.
Now do me a favor and comment what it is that makes you, you. Why would anyone want to even be around you? Why would they want to be your friend, your boyfriend (girlfriend)? What comes to mind when your name is brought up? Pitch yourself to Oprah, Rihanna, or Beyonce. Pitch yourself to your dream job. Because at the end of the day, until you stop getting so star struck and realize that you really have the potential to be in the BIG LEAGUES you'll never make VARSITY.


Oh look, It's Me. Walking away from everything and everyone that no longer serves me and stepping into my DIVINE FEMININE power. To my surprise, look at all of the 'fans' and supporters I have that have been waiting for this very moment because they too know I'm the shit. & look, standing there... The person that knew the same and can't believe I have the audacity to finally live up to my potential.

I've Arrived.













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