How You Can Put An End To Menstrual Shaming and Give Back

Its Mid-Day, you're at work and your tummy is doing summer salts. No, you aren't hungry and you weren't drinking last night. However someone uninvited is coming to pay you a visit... yup, you guessed it; AUNT FLOW! She's not one of my favorite aunties either but she normally visits at least once a month and for some the visit isn't too bad but for others it can be a nightmare. On top of the cramps, feeling and looking bloated, the pimples appearing everywhere and the crappy attitude others have to deal its just a lot! It's that time of month when you tell your home girl to "check you" while you walk in front of her and she makes sure those new white pants you were so brave enough to wear are still white. It's that time of month when you sneeze and it feels like you just plunged into a swimming pool. As women, no one likes to talk about that time of the month, but I think it's time that we do.

It wasn't until I got older and discovered my more spiritual side that I realized that there was nothing dreadful about the menstrual cycle. There is power in menstruation and until you learn that, menstruation will always be dreadful for you. The menstrual cycle is the time that women can really base their life around and get in tune with themselves, their goals, aspirations in addition to spiritual maintenance. Whether you believe it or not your menstrual cycle directly correlates with your life and everyone that lives in your household can be directly influenced by you during that time. We will share more information about this in another article but I highly suggest you do your research and change your mindset of your menstrual cycle because it's impacting you whether you know it or not.

Now, I got my period for the first time when I was about 12 years old and since then I've tried numerous products to determine what works best for me. I've tried tampons and pads, which are usually the norm. I also dabbled in Diva Cups which I actually liked. The only thing that I didn't really like about the Diva Cup is that it is kind of messy and being on the go a lot, it wouldn't work for me. So I ventured out and soon stumbled upon Cherish Pads!

Not only are Cherish Pads designed with 8 layers they also hold up to 300 times their own liquid! The pads are also equipped with a negative ion strip which has many proven health benefits for us which include possibly reducing pain inflammation and may also help to neutralize unwanted odors. Now, when I first heard about this my first thought was no way. But after I saw a demo I was hooked and actually became a distributor without hesitation. Cherish pads come in 4 different sizes. They have the panty liners, day pads, night pads, and overnight pads. Whether you have a light period or heavy you can't lose by trying them out.

Now you know here at Her Image we are all about supporting black businesses so it wouldn't be right if I didn't shine some light on Charlene Rainey-Bell, the CMO (Chief Menstruating Officer) and her Menstrual Hygiene Line called Her Padded Truth, a nonprofit organization geared toward supplying young girls and women in underserved communities with menstrual hygiene products throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and abroad.

"Our goal is to bring education and awareness surrounding menstrual healthcare and put an end to "Menstrual Shaming."  

The Padded Truth specializes in reusable sanitary pads but will soon offer disposable pads that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient! They also have wipes, washes and more sanitary items in the works for 2019. If you are interested in the next best thing and donating please contact Charlene who currently resides in the Hampton Roads area! Thank you Charlene for providing such an amazing product to our women and giving back to our community.

Periods can be a drag when you don't have the right information and products, so if you could make the experience just a little bit better would you?

Visit her website at for more information!








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